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Hidden Treasures of a Championship Chicago Bulls Collection

Michael Osacky

As I travel across the country visiting with individuals and appraising collections, there's always something different and unique that catches my eye.

Recently, after I appeared on a radio show, I received a phone call from a woman who lived very close to where I grew up and attended high school. Her uncle was a former Chicago Bulls player during the '90s and had received six of the championship rings that come with winning an NBA championship. The family wanted to know how much each item was valued at.

I spent an entire Saturday going through item after item, and putting a price tag on everything from a Michael Jordan signed rookie card to a gold and diamond pennant that was presented to the wives/girlfriends of the players after they won the NBA championship in 1996.

Many of the items were unique and were only obtained through the Bulls organization. Game-worn shoes, team-autographed banners, and expensive jewelry kept me on my toes throughout the process. In a few rare instances, I wasn't immediately sure of the approximate value, so I put those items to the side and kept digging for more. As I worked, different members of the family would walk in and explain various pieces. The stories were endless. I could have stayed in the house for weeks on end, just listening to the incredible stories of what it was like to be part of the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s.

Darkness began to settle in and my time with the collection and the family was nearing its end. I asked the family what they found to be the most enjoyable part of the day. Their response? "Seeing you smile from ear to ear throughout the day."

Michael Osacky has appraised world championship collections from former NBA and MLB athletes (Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees). He is certified by the National Association of Professional Appraisers (NAPA).

Michael is an active collector of Pre-1970 sports cards; especially tobacco and Cracker Jack baseball cards. He has written numerous articles for national publications such as Parade Magazine, Huffington Post, Kiplinger's Magazine and American Legion Magazine. Michael enjoys interviewing professional sports' owners such as Tom Ricketts (Chicago Cubs) Bill DeWitt Jr (St. Louis Cardinals) George McCaskey (Chicago Bears) and Shad Khan (Jacksonville Jaguars).

Additionally, Michael Osacky is the vintage sports expert for various TV and radio outlets in Chicago, IL.

Michael can be reached at 312-379-9090 or

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Hidden Treasures of a Championship Chicago Bulls Collection

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